Anncoment to all Cla nsEdit

Hello, clans the battle between Evil Ninjas will be here soon train your clans and work hard don't give up. Please win this so Thunder Ninja Acdemy will be back to good. Becarefull never trust rogues and loners. Don't give up hope by the way.

~ Thanks Windstar and Thunderstar of Lost Ninjas.

Ghosts Wants and NeedsEdit

Please bring back my sons Hunterlightning and Blakethunder.

~ Please from Mia and Luke of Lost Ninjas.

Battles of this WarEdit

Battle of NinjaClan's CampEdit

Groups in Vovled: NinjaClan and FireClan fighting against Evil Ninjas.

Takes Place: NinjaClan's Camp.

Winner: Unknown Yet.


Julialightning and Dustinroot were out hunting when three Evil Ninjas attack them and Julialightning went to get help during that Dustinroot got kidnape. Sandstar helps them.